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Porcelain Tiles

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In this section you will find some useful information on tiles.

Porcelain Tiles


Choosing the right tiles and where to buy them.

Its always best to go to a reputable tile outlet when purchasing tiles. You will have peace of mind knowing you tiles will be guaranteed. Flawless tiling recommends the following places.

Beaumont Tiles

Aurees Tiles

Italia Ceramics.

Porcelain tiles

Polished Porcelain tiles look amazing from the shine they give off and are very easy to clean with the shiny surface. There are a couple of thing to be aware of,

!. porcelain tiles can be quite slippery when wet .

2. They show up streaks water marks and foot prints .


There is no way to avoid this if you are wanting porcelain tiles, unless you go for a semi polished or textured porcelain tile. The best way to clean polished porcelain tiles is with a steam mop as it will not lease any water marks or streaks.


Porcelain tiles can be used for any application for wall tiling floor tiling outdoor ppr indoor, and commercial uses.

Ceramic tiles

Porcelain tiles have been the trend for the past 5 to 7 years, but the trend is slowing down, and more consumers are going back to ceramic.


Ceramic tiles are a good all round tile with a vast arrays of colors and styles to suit anyones taste. Ceramic tiles now are available to the large format 600 x 600 style along side of the porcelain tiles.


The benefit of ceramic tiles are cheaper to lays, bigger rage of styles and colors. Depending on the color and texture ceramics don't show up the dirt as much and look clean even if they are not.


Ceramic tiles are generally cushion edge tiles as porcelain rectified edge ( square edge). Rectified edge tiles do have problems, although they are more precise any warping in the tiles will show up as a lip. Cushion edge tiles however will not show if there is a lip in the tile.


Lipping is a common trait that all tilers will face due to fact that most if not all tiles are not perfectly flat. Some tiles will have a bow in the middle , other will have corners that curl up making it impossible to-have the tile perfectly level.. However the more top level tiles will be more uniform. It states in the Australian standards that tiles can be bowed. An example is a 600 x 600 tile can have a tolerance of up to 3mm, meaning it can be bow 3mm from end to end and is suitable for laying.