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Terracotta Tiles

In this section you will find some useful information on Terracotta tiles.

Terracotta tiles and quarry tiles are made from natural clay. and a majority of them are made by hand., you either love them or hate them.

The problem I have found doing jobs with terracotta tiles is that the client is usually unaware of how the finished product is supposed to look. Terracotta are traditionally a hand made product and some tiles can vary up to 30 mm in size and up to 10 mm in thickness. Some people expect this rugged and natural product to be perfect. It is not so, and does not pretend to be.

Terracotta and quarry tiles is a tile choice to give off the rustic look. Quarry tiles are extremely durable and is a great choice for most rooms in your home for indoor and out door, especially high traffic areas. I don't recommend quarry tiles in wet areas. Most only have a very thin glazing and have a high water absorption rate. Although they are a durable tile they are not strong like a monocottura tile. and can have hair line cracks which will allow moisture to soak though.

Quarry tiles are made from clay. The wet clay is usually feed though a machine that rolls it out pressing it into its thickness then cut to size. They are best suited to an out door area or where a more rugged look is wanted. There are many styles and colors of terracotta tiles, they come in sizes around 300mmx300mm to 100 x 100 and also the old English tessellated type octagon shaped with the small square dot and triangles. Color wise they are predominately red but come in a wide range of colors.

Traditionally terracotta are made by hand but there are a lot of machine made types they are a lot more accurate. Terracotta is a tile that does look really good and can be used anywhere, mostly they are used outdoors. They have good resistance to high traffic areas and are very durable. Terracotta tiles are very porous and they must be sealed to avoid staining. Even dirt and mud will stain these tiles. Sealing needs to be done periodically using only a water based sealer . Many European Terra-cotta tiles are very porous. It pays to seek out a low porosity tile like those make by Eureka in Australia which are good for around swimming pools and salt water pools.

My advice on terracotta tiles is to be very careful. They are nice when they are properly sealed and maintained, but often they are not. If they are left unmaintained they look really daggy and old and is very hard to restore them. Again quarry and terracotta is predominately used to gain the rough rustic look they are not a perfect tile like some expect them to be once laid