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In this section you will find some useful information on Mosaic tiles.

These days mosaic tiles are mainly used as decorative tiles or used as a border tile to break up the main tiles and also used as feature walls.

Mosaic tiles can be used anywhere and are a perfect choice for wet areas that require a lot of fall and for swimming pools and spa's. Mosaics can be used anywhere for walls and floors They are not normally used in living areas but sometimes used and feature strips or rows or features in entry walls or floors.

Be aware that mosaic will follow the contour of the surface its laid on so if the walls are bumpy or wavy the mosaic tiles will flow to that contour. Walls must be checked for flatness prior to adhering the mosaic to the wall. As with the floor, if you are laying mosaic in wet areas make sure you have done an even fall to the waste pipe or a flat fall, A wavy mortar bed will make the mosaic wavy which will stand out prominently.

Mosaic are fairly easy to lay and are very easy for cutting because of the small size of the individual tiles .But cutting can become time consuming and tedious due to the amount of cutting involved with individual mosaic pieces.