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A. Yes timber floors can be tiled over. In some cases you can tile directly on the timber floors. The floor must be sound .
(no loose or movement in boards)

If floor is not in good condition fiber cement sheeting can be fixed to the floor and tiles laid to the sheeting.
This is the recommended way.

A. Yes as long as the existing tiles are sound and solid . The glazing of the tile must also be removed.

A. All depends on how big the job is and what is involved. For example, a living area of 50M2 will take anywhere for 2 to 4
days, depending on the tile and floor plan.

For a bathroom can be anywhere from 3 to 10 days, again all depends what is involved.

A. There are many tile shops in Adelaide, Some sell very expensive tiles and some sell very low budget tiles .We now supply a
range of porcelain tiles. Our porcelain tiles are high quality and we offer you excellent service at a great price. Other than us,
the best place for tiles is Beaumont Tiles They have a very good range and and a good knowledge of tiles .

A. Most tiles these days are made in China. Even the expensive Italian tiles are made in China. Some Chinese tiles are good
and some not. My Advice is don't buy anything under $30 per Meter from a retail outlet as they are most likely to be poor
quality. Some of the poor quality tiles can be bowed and cut out of square, making it impossible for the tiler to achieve a
good job.

A. The best color grout is a color that is as close as possible to the color of the tile, unless you are trying to achieve a
contrasting effect. It is preferred to choose a color that is slightly darker than the tile.

A. Most porcelain tiles have a wax on the surface, and in some cases they will have to be initially machine polished
After the initial cleaning the best way to keep porcelain tiles clean is with a steam mop.

A. Right now we don't have an office or showroom. This is another reason why we are able to keep the prices low. If you would
like to see our tile range call us for a measure and quote and we will bring the tile range to you.

A. Going by the Australian standards a minimum joint of 3mm is allowed for the floor. For wall joints a minimum joint of 1.5 mm
is allowed. Having a space smaller than mentioned will result in any warranty being void.

A. Lash spacers or lash clips are designed for porcelain tiles or rectified edge tiles. They are used to reduce the lipping and
slump of tiles during the curing process. However they cannot be used to level uneven floor surfaces as they are assumed,
They are an additional cost to the laying process and do not work on the large format tiles . Reason being is that the plastic
clip does not hold up the weight of a large porcelain tile.